Hotel Transylvania Sign

Light up sign

Plan is a Themed Halloween party with characters from the hotel Transylvania movie.

This Hotel Transylvania light-up sign was a successful DIY project. The challenge will be the costume. I’ll try to share some photos on Halloween.

One of the Butlers

Blood Moon – Revised

October 30, 2013 the blood moon shines its bloody temptation as bright as the harvest moon in the early morning of autumn. The wolves thirst for blood while hunters thirst for game.

It is a cool, calm morning. Gerry and Darwin are in their orange caps and camouflage suits. The wives warn not to go. It is said it is the year of the attack of hunter against the hunter but Gerry and Darwin ignore them. They get into their big, 4×4 GMC truck and head out into the early morning dew. When arriving into the old, narrow road leading into the deep of the woods, Darwin parks the truck as far in as he could drive. They each pull their guns out from behind the seat and head down the trails.

“I’ll go down here.” Gerry points.

“Okay. Good luck and shoot to kill my friend.”

“First one to get the game shoots two more to direct the other. May the best man win.” Gerry waves as he disappears into the woods.

“See you in ten minutes.” Darwin replies as he walks another direction, v-ing off into the woods.

Ten minutes and a bang is heard followed by the echo. Darwin turns but no other shot is heard. He stands waiting. A few minutes later, he decides to ignore the shot and walks on. Crunching sound of leaves startle him. He turns but sees no one, then calls out, “Gerry?” followed by a repeating echo.

Darwin begins to walk again and the sound of someone following also begins before hearing another shot. Turning his head toward the direction of gun shot, he stops suddenly. Looks around but it falls silent. He starts to walk faster toward the area he thought he heard the shot and the crushing sound of leaves begin again. “Gerry?” still no reply and no other gunshot goes off. He looks back, “Gerry?” Darwin bellows but no reply. He decides to turn toward the sound of the crushing leaves. “Gerry, okay stop!” he shouts angrily while walking toward the direction he thought someone was but the sound of someone following him sounds like it’s behind him again. Feeling confused, he turns and walks back the other way where he thought the gunshot came from.

A half hour gone and he hasn’t found Gerry. He hears crushing sounds, turns and sees a shadow in the deep of the woods. Waiting for it to expose itself, he stands breathing shallow, gun up and aiming into the woods.

“Boo!” Out pops Gerry.

“You…” Darwin curses. “What the heck? I could have shot you!”

Gerry laughs hysterically. “I got the big one.”

Darwin follows. They load it, getting their catch a day before Halloween horror.

“Why didn’t you answer or fire three shots?”

“I hit it but it got up and started to run and had to chase it. That’s the second shot that killed it. Hey, I’m sorry. I had to get it. I then heard you near so, well, you know.”

A wolf stands watching them drive out of the woods. Blood dripping from his mouth.

Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore. Original post, titled Blood Moon, was Mark’s prompt filling in for Kelly.