Nasal, Ear, and Mouth Care

The funny things we do for healthcare.

healthThe flushing system of nasal, ear and mouth care involves running fluid through openings. Starting with the ear – there is Earigate, press can with tip pointing in ear. Make sure head is tilted so the fluid sprayed in the ear can run right back out. Once both ears are done move to the next step – nasal irrigation. How did they ever come up with douching the nose with a neti pot. Have the nasal wash solution (uniodized salt with water and a pinch of baking soda) ready, lean over the sink with head tilted down. With the filled sinus rinse bottle, squeeze into one nostril then do the other side. The nasal solution will go in one nostril and come out the other nostril. Some solution may end up in the mouth. DO NOT SWALLOW. Let the fluid run back out into the sink. Lastly, gargle with mouthwash, spit out – AGAIN, DO NOT SWALLOW. 🙂 All for what? Keeping the openings flushed, clean, washed, disinfected.

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