Season’s Greeting

Season’s greetings to you and your loved ones.

May all your dreams come true in the new year. May your home be filled with those you hold dear. May memories sing sweet thoughts long after.


Because a heart filled with love fills the empty spaces and the biggest gifts are the ones you cannot see.

And when a home is filled with people, it brings joy and the biggest surprises are the ones you cannot wrap.

Although a picture may say a thousand words, the memory that remains will always be within the heart.

Holiday Stresses

I tossed and turned. A minute passed 12 and I was still awake. It was the night before Christmas Eve and all I could think about was all that I still had to do with preparing two different suppers and making time for gift opening on Christmas. My heart raced, my mind swirled. It was as if I hadn’t done this before. Every year, the same. I don’t know why I was a basket case this year. Maybe it was  the back-to-back suppers, splitting up the holiday dinners. I knew it would all be fine but try telling that to the mind.

I awoke, 9:35 am. I don’t remember when I fell asleep but I somehow did because it was morning. I rose. The room was quiet. It seemed I was up before everyone except the pets. I started the coffee and went and freshened up. Not a creature did I arose with my nosy start: pots banged, coffee percolated, doors opened and closed. If it were I, I know I would have been awakened! I prepped much of supper when noise of pitter-patter startled me. “Good morning Mom. Need any help?” Said my daughter as she entered.

Before I knew everyone was up and prancing around. With more movement of bodies, the supper prepping started coming together. Before long us girls were sitting around visiting like the males in the man-cave who had been relaxing.


Las Vegas


I know to many the question remains why Vegas. Las Vegas is nice if you want to take a 4-day trip. You can accomplish a lot in a short visit. We were able to sightsee, take in a show, shop, view different hotel themes and my daughters even went to the Stratosphere to go on XScream

I did lag behind as you can see. I had no idea my pace had slowed and I was always trailing behind but it was still a blast. We didn’t do any casino events although it is known for that. Las Vegas is much more than that. There is a lot there to see and do. They have many shows, different kinds. Dinning out is fun.


We stayed at Caesar’s Palace. It is very beautiful. The hospitality is amazing. We were made to feel welcome.

We went when it was close to springtime and having a little summer weather was nice. When we got back the weather was beginning to warm so the rest of winter was easier to tolerate than usual. Mostly, I felt it was because we got a break from winter sooner. I would definitely go around the same time if I went again.


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Three Turkeys Later

Looking back at our most costly feast was the year we met at the oldest daughter’s home. She had gone out and bought a turkey a week prior to the big dinner. The day we were about to leave she called, “Mom, I forgot about the turkey and had it in the garage. It has been warm out. You think it’s okay?”

The turkey, with every disease-causing bacteria known to man had likely harvested itself in it, was definitely not going to be on our dinner plate. I replied, “No.”

“I have to work. You think you can get us another one?” she continued.

“Okay. You better chuck the turkey.” I ended.

We headed out. We hadn’t bothered to stop at the grocery store. We arrived at my daughters. Our son-in-law and our daughter were still at work. I took out my spare key and opened the door. We lugged our luggage in then left again to the grocery store. We only saw Butterball stuffed with stuffing. We checked another grocery store, same. I finally just bought Butterball. It was double what I usually paid for a regular turkey.

We went back to the house and when my daughter strolled in I told her what I bought. “We have to use our own stuffing.” she insisted.

My other daughter had not left from her place yet. I called her. “Hi, I got a stuffed turkey is it okay with you?” She too felt that we just had to use our own stuffing. “I’ll see if there are any left here.” she ended.

I hung up and early the next day she arrived with another turkey.

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