Shower of Sadness

Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at for Free Writing Friday (FWF)

This weeks writing prompt is an image prompt courtesy of Kelly for which we are to create a story or poem from. Thank you Kellie for the prompts. Anyone interested in following Kelly, please click on the link and visit her there.

Jackson Wedding

It is an occasion, her occasion, but my heart aches as I watch her walk gracefully. I should be cheering and celebrating with her but I can’t. I fake a smile as she walks by.

Savannah Jacobson, an elegant woman of grace, had been my friend since childhood.  We always said we’d merry on the same day and children who’d play together. However, I haven’t found Mr. Right and she is already having her first child already.

I could hear laughing fading as my though deepens. I feel like I’m losing a friend as she moves to a place I feel I don’t fit in. A gathering of mommies and children displace me. A tap on my shoulder jolts me back to the now.

“Oh, Savannah.”

“Hi, sorry I’m not ignoring you.”

“It’s fine. I know you’re busy with everything. Is the gift I got you okay?”

“I love it. Thank you. Is everything okay Rebecca?”


“I’ve known you all my life. Please.”

“Yes, everything is fine.” I deny. I give her a big smile.

I know she doesn’t believe me but she leaves it at that.

Her sister interrupts, “Everyone we are going to play a little game.”

She has our attention and I feel like sneaking way. Savannah taps my leg. “You have to join in.”

“I really would like to just watch if you don’t mind Savannah. I’m not much of a game player you know that.”

“It’ll be fun.”

“If everyone would please come up to the craft table.”

Savannah grabs my hand and pulls me. I follow with dread.

“The object of the game is to create a mask and the best mask wins by popular vote. There are feathers, beads, sparkles, glue and masquerade masks. Please go ahead and start as soon as I say go and I will begin the timer. As soon as the buzzer goes off, stop whatever you are doing. May the best mask win. Everyone ready, go!.”

I dive right in and divulge myself into the craft. I begin to release all the negative as the time ticks. A half hour later, the buzzer goes off. I have a masterpiece. I am quite impressed. Savannah looks over and smiles. I give her a real smile. I feel so silly for thinking so awful.

“It wasn’t so bad was it.” she whispers.

“No, thank you.”

“Our friendship doesn’t change Rebecca.”

“How’d you know?”

“I know you. I know you feel out of place. You don’t have to.”

I give her a big hug.



Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at for Free Writing Friday (FWF)

This weeks prompt is a fall word bank using the words – foliage, amber, wicker, aroma, sweater, cocoa

I’m excited for this one because I love Kellie’s choice of words.  I am titling it Fall


It’s beautiful out. The sunflower cheers up the garden and the amber, red, orange colors of fall are everywhere. Fall foliage – spread thickly – covers the grass. The air is nippy. A warm cup of cocoa and a sweater have one thing in common, warm my chilled body as I prepare to rake. I make my way to the apple tree. It is full of decaying apples. As I begin raking, the aroma carries with the breeze. It smells like the applesauce I just finished canning.

This whole month had been busy with fall chores. The last of the apples turned into applesauce were in a large wicker basket on my counter top until yesterday. I had started with the canning and freezing early September. I’m relieved that I’m at the final stage of fall chores. I get to enjoy this time before snow falls and hibernating through winter. Although I enjoy the fall with the beautiful colors, the crushing sound of the leaves when I walk and the cocoa, I still enjoy spring when it comes. I think they are my two favorite seasons but if I had to pick one, it’d be spring when the warm weather begins to return and new life sprouts.

That Gift that Held a Special Place

It’s FWF, I’m late again, and Friday’s prompt is to write about a special gift. Writing prompts created by Kellie Elmore at

Banana bike photo courtesy of Wikipedia

I was turning ten and birthday gifts were a rarity. It was midsummer. Beautiful out. Mom arrived home from town with a bike, no bow. I was so excited. It was a banana bike. Everyone I knew wanted one. I felt privileged. I don’t think I even went in the house. I had begun teaching myself to ride. I remember having an unsteady wheel and practicing until I could ride. It’s so long ago that I can’t even remember if I had any help at first. Then I remember riding all over town. I was out from dusk till dawn many days. I was so obsessed with it.

It was near summer’s end. I went out for my usual bike ride. I remember that feeling as if it was just yesterday. I was hurt. The bike was gone. I only had it that one summer and someone had stolen it. It was a memory I never forgot. Every summer came and every summer I missed my bike. I wanted to ride again but I never got another chance.

The banana bike, a gift that held a special place in my heart, was taken before I could bore myself of it. Every time I saw someone riding, I’d miss my bike. It was a once in a life time experience. One that took me a long time to get over.

Setting the Mood

#FWF stands for Free Writing Friday by Kellie Elmore Prompts

Words to be used to create a poem or story is – Blanket, falsetto, cumbersome, cinema, coin

Setting the Mood


Granted it’ll be a cold night.

The comfy sofa and warm blanket await me as I put a CD on.

Tea sitting on the end stand will soon relax me. It’s been a long day.

I cover myself with the cumbersome blanket, warming me nevertheless. I begin sipping my tea, feet up on the ottoman. I have a book in my hand but I stare blankly as the song comes on. His voice radiates through me. The falsetto of his vocals is soothing.

What’s the odds of meeting him, I think. It’d be a double sided coin or as likely as becoming an actor starring me in cinema.

I gaze into the dim of my room and vegetate. It resonates feelings like never before. I put the book down and take it all in.

SLS Oborowsky