Lost in Translation/Interpretation

Too many acronyms in texting that I don’t know what they mean. Why can’t they stick to obvious u (you) r (are) # 1(number one) Ma, besides teenagers have no time to teach their mothers.


Mother, “What is Lol?”

Daughter, “Laugh out loud”

Mother, “What if they mean – lots of love, loads of laughter, lion or lamb, lots of laughs or leap of luck.”

Daughter, “No, just laugh out loud. Nothing else in text talk.”

Mother, “Are you sure?”

Daughter, now frustrated with mother, replies sternly “Just laugh out loud.”

Mother, “Okay. Lol.”

Mother still reading her texts, asks her daughter, “What is ldk?” Daughter, still frustrated with mother, walks away without answering. Mother, left in dark. I wonder what Btw means? She thinks as she continues scrolling her text messages.


Daughter walks back in.  Mother asks daughter if Lmfao means, “Leave me f’n alone amiga ok?” Daughter, not interested in teaching mother, acts like she didn’t hear, leaving mother lost in translation.

Mother gets creative, or at least she thinks she did.


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