Follow the Leader


I was thinking back about a place I worked. It was about kidding around. What happened was a lady teased me with a funny walk and I teased back. Within minutes of doing it, I thought it was similar to a lady who walked like that and I felt like a real heel. The worst thing is I never questioned why she did that and I should have. Instead, I shrugged it off and carried on with working. To this day, I’m annoyed and I should have got verification so that it didn’t happen again. I don’t like to do things about other people. However, I don’t mind kidding around and having fun with the people I work with. It just would have been nice to know if it was just kidding around or if it was about copying someone which is a different issue.

A thought, I thought. So hope you keep in mind of others and don’t be like me and ask, because it’s an ease of the mind.