San Fransisco

July 19, 2014 – Headed out to San Francisco with my daughters and granddaughter.


Upon arrival, went to the rental house and dropped off our bags. We then headed out to Chloe’s for lunch. The rest of the day we stayed in the neighbourhood and got acquainted with the area.


July 20 – Took a boat cruise to Alcatraz, then toured Fishermen’s Wharf.


Got some great photos of trolley tour transportations.

forbes seals

Loved seeing the palm trees on Forbes and the seals near there. A seal sat posing so I just had to get a photo of the little guy.


Feet sore and getting tired of walking Fishermen’s Wharf, we decided to hop on one of these bike cabbies to Ghirardelli Square for chocolate. We then had supper at Scoma’s for my birthday dinner before heading back to the rental suite.

the park

July 21 – Walked the Golden Gate Park. It was very lovely there. We also took in the science centre. I thought it was a bit pricey but it was a nice tour.


At the lake where the stone bridge is, you can rent paddle boats. Very nice, serene.


July 22 –  Went to see the famous winding road. There was a filming planned there. You can see the green screen at the top of the hill. Don’t know what kind of film was being produced. We didn’t stay there long because we had a cab to catch.


We went to Union Square and had lunch at the Cheese Factory. Very tasty food there.

That evening we had our last supper at Fresca’s , Peruvian food, close to the neighbourhood where we rented. The meals were very delicious. It was a nice finish to the trip.

Left early July 23


Field Tour

A bench in the middle of nowhere. A trestle and an open field where sightings of wild may be seen up yonder.


I leave this little bench and travel along before pulling into an approach. Getting out of my car with camera in hand, I zoom in and find depleted, abandoned barns in open fields afar and beyond the slightly rolling hills.


I then spot something colourful near a tumbled building. The only stable dwelling painted a pretty blue.


Before I realize it seems I’ve strayed away from home too long for the setting sun tells me it’s time to go.


My little field tour of open valleys up yonder.

Niagara Falls

Trip photo1101_3385

Niagara Falls is a nice place to visit. The neon lights and unique tourist attractions on Clifton Hill make a nice evening walk. We managed to stop and walk through the wax museum.

When we went they had fireworks once a week so we got to enjoy the fireworks from our room. The water falls were also a perfect view from our room.

We made plans to go on the Maid Of The Mist. That was one wet ride. Should you go on it, make sure you tie the blue, disposable raincoat you are given before getting on the boat. If wind gets a hold of it, it will lift over your head. Trust me! It happened to me.

All in all, it was a fun time.

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Las Vegas


I know to many the question remains why Vegas. Las Vegas is nice if you want to take a 4-day trip. You can accomplish a lot in a short visit. We were able to sightsee, take in a show, shop, view different hotel themes and my daughters even went to the Stratosphere to go on XScream

I did lag behind as you can see. I had no idea my pace had slowed and I was always trailing behind but it was still a blast. We didn’t do any casino events although it is known for that. Las Vegas is much more than that. There is a lot there to see and do. They have many shows, different kinds. Dinning out is fun.


We stayed at Caesar’s Palace. It is very beautiful. The hospitality is amazing. We were made to feel welcome.

We went when it was close to springtime and having a little summer weather was nice. When we got back the weather was beginning to warm so the rest of winter was easier to tolerate than usual. Mostly, I felt it was because we got a break from winter sooner. I would definitely go around the same time if I went again.


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The Travelling Preacher


It is 1972. The big, white tent sits on a large field in a remote settlement of slightly over 200 people, big and small. In the tent, the podium stands alone at the back, in the centre of the aisle. Rows of benches are set on each side facing it. The people flutter in. I walk behind the crowd and take a seat near the back. I could hardly see the front with the tall, dark-haired man in front of me.

I choose to go alone to pray: looking to find God, to let him know how things are going, to ask him to always be with me. I stay until I have my blessing from the travelling preacher. He extends his hand over my head. When others start falling and speaking in tongues, I leave. I fear for I don’t understand. My thought is they are having seizures. My heart pounds. My legs are quivering. I hurry out, leaving the travelling preacher and the big, white tent. The last words I hear are “God is here.”

A fragment of a memory so long ago. When I was young.

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