Re: My Other Blog

RE: This is my new blog. I made an error on my old “Author’s Thought blog” and don’t know how to fix it. Although we are attached at the hip, I will not be posting on it. Learningflying means ♥ making mistakes and I’m certainly learning wordpress the hard way. Because of it, my old blog site is now flying alone as it has gone solo.  I do apologize for abandoning you there but I still have you and I’m still flying with wordpress so please do join me here.

Thank you to the Web Engineer who helped me. This is now not the case. That site is now revised and a book blog site. Book – SLS Oborowsky


Being a Web Engineer

I couldn’t imagine the time it must take to develop a web. I have spent so much time on wordpress with a ready designed, ready formated, just fill in and voila! How do they do it? A web engineer must have a lot of patience.Web Engineers

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