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What are these mysterious things that are known as orbs that only a limited number of people are gifted to see? Yet, videos and cameras can also capture.

I captured this on video and cannot understand why at least the brightest orb is still not visible to the eye. What are they really I don’t know but it is an affirmation of their existence for me now.

Before this video I had seen these on photos but always dismissed it as lint or something more explainable. Because of the stillness of a photo, I just thought that lint was floating so close to the camera that it made it look like an overstated orb that people proclaimed. Intriguing to say the least, it’s leaving me with more questions than answers.

My thought to yours for which you may leave me yours if you wish.

S.L.S Oborowsky

PS: You may also leave me a link or comment if you have Captured or have experienced anything out of the ordinary.

3 thoughts on “Orbs

    • Yes, it is fascinating and left me with many questions. I showed it to a friend and after we analyzed it, she had her take and I had mine. One thing for certain is it is not a laser or flashlight because it is hoovering above me. Nothing can do that. Thank you for reading/viewing.

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