Shine On Award

I have graciously accepted the Shine On Award …


Thank you A. Long at ajwrites57 for nominating me for the “Shine On” award from your Google+ site: +A. Long.

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Seven things about me in a list that shines on…

  1. Me as a Metis (I am of aboriginal, French and Irish on my mother’s side)
  2. Grew up poor
  3. I still managed to be happy even though
  4. Since I was young I had a very active imagination
  5. I wrote my first story over 10 yrs. ago before it was published
  6. The second book of the story was published within a year after
  7. I prefer a spritzer, a 1/4 glass of red wine mixed with sprite, for an evening cocktail

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Thank You for thinking of me A. Long of ajwrites57.

The Liebster Blog Award

I have been nominated for the first time for the Liebster Blog Award x2: Lilica Blake at and Katherine Vucicevic at Thank you both. It is a pleasure to participate. Your questions have both been completed below. Please find yours to see the answers.

LIEBSTER –  the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome

The purpose of participating is to help your blog. I hope many of you participate. To learn more visit

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Lost in Translation/Interpretation

Too many acronyms in texting that I don’t know what they mean. Why can’t they stick to obvious u (you) r (are) # 1(number one) Ma, besides teenagers have no time to teach their mothers.


Mother, “What is Lol?”

Daughter, “Laugh out loud”

Mother, “What if they mean – lots of love, loads of laughter, lion or lamb, lots of laughs or leap of luck.”

Daughter, “No, just laugh out loud. Nothing else in text talk.”

Mother, “Are you sure?”

Daughter, now frustrated with mother, replies sternly “Just laugh out loud.”

Mother, “Okay. Lol.”

Mother still reading her texts, asks her daughter, “What is ldk?” Daughter, still frustrated with mother, walks away without answering. Mother, left in dark. I wonder what Btw means? She thinks as she continues scrolling her text messages.


Daughter walks back in.  Mother asks daughter if Lmfao means, “Leave me f’n alone amiga ok?” Daughter, not interested in teaching mother, acts like she didn’t hear, leaving mother lost in translation.

Mother gets creative, or at least she thinks she did.


©all rights reserved

All About Spelling

English spelling depends on the country…


Centre British/Canada
Center US
Litre British/Canada
Realize US/Canada
Realise British
licence British/Canada
license US/Canada
Disc British/Canada
Disk US
Skilful British
Skillful US/Canada
Color US
Colour British/Canada

and the list goes on.


Canada usually takes the British spelling which is the longer spelling even in medical words such as anaesthesia rather than US spelling – anesthesia.

For more visit Spelling style variations

Re: My Other Blog

RE: This is my new blog. I made an error on my old “Author’s Thought blog” and don’t know how to fix it. Although we are attached at the hip, I will not be posting on it. Learningflying means ♥ making mistakes and I’m certainly learning wordpress the hard way. Because of it, my old blog site is now flying alone as it has gone solo.  I do apologize for abandoning you there but I still have you and I’m still flying with wordpress so please do join me here.

Thank you to the Web Engineer who helped me. This is now not the case. That site is now revised and a book blog site. Book – SLS Oborowsky

The Stork Delivers

Ivcover (1000) (722x401)

A story was created and the birth of Ivy came to life in a form of a book. As the book nestled in its nest, it awaited delivery to a home far away by a busy stork: protective and caring.

Many readers, awaiting the book, will soon get to indulge in the life of Ivy, to know the walk of a Metis girl: The trying times along with the good times, when the stork delivers the book.

©all rights reserved

When They Leave the Nest

Daughter (2)The house is suddenly silent, even a pin drop echoes. A parent sits alone for the first time in years. What can one do but absorb the change. The heart aches for a time until one adjusts to the sudden silence that once was filled with cries, chatter, and laughter. Those were the days, now a mother’s cry. She sits on the rocking chair she once rocked her little one to sleep. Some days, she sits by the phone waiting for the child to call.

The father sits with his paper in hand like nothing changed. What must he be thinking? The child, settling in the new dwelling – not doorsteps away, but miles – is excited to be on ones own.

Oh, where has time gone? The gift of having a family; the sharing and the love that also comes with many changes when they leave the nest. How precious it is to have the love of family, to watch your children grow, to see them excited with every step they take. It is that time when they leave the nest that one will reminisce.

©all rights reserved

The Travelling Preacher


It is 1972. The big, white tent sits on a large field in a remote settlement of slightly over 200 people, big and small. In the tent, the podium stands alone at the back, in the centre of the aisle. Rows of benches are set on each side facing it. The people flutter in. I walk behind the crowd and take a seat near the back. I could hardly see the front with the tall, dark-haired man in front of me.

I choose to go alone to pray: looking to find God, to let him know how things are going, to ask him to always be with me. I stay until I have my blessing from the travelling preacher. He extends his hand over my head. When others start falling and speaking in tongues, I leave. I fear for I don’t understand. My thought is they are having seizures. My heart pounds. My legs are quivering. I hurry out, leaving the travelling preacher and the big, white tent. The last words I hear are “God is here.”

A fragment of a memory so long ago. When I was young.

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