What are these mysterious things that are known as orbs that only a limited number of people are gifted to see? Yet, videos and cameras can also capture.

I captured this on video and cannot understand why at least the brightest orb is still not visible to the eye. What are they really I don’t know but it is an affirmation of their existence for me now.

Before this video I had seen these on photos but always dismissed it as lint or something more explainable. Because of the stillness of a photo, I just thought that lint was floating so close to the camera that it made it look like an overstated orb that people proclaimed. Intriguing to say the least, it’s leaving me with more questions than answers.

My thought to yours for which you may leave me yours if you wish.

S.L.S Oborowsky

PS: You may also leave me a link or comment if you have Captured or have experienced anything out of the ordinary.

Follow the Leader


I was thinking back about a place I worked. It was about kidding around. What happened was a lady teased me with a funny walk and I teased back. Within minutes of doing it, I thought it was similar to a lady who walked like that and I felt like a real heel. The worst thing is I never questioned why she did that and I should have. Instead, I shrugged it off and carried on with working. To this day, I’m annoyed and I should have got verification so that it didn’t happen again. I don’t like to do things about other people. However, I don’t mind kidding around and having fun with the people I work with. It just would have been nice to know if it was just kidding around or if it was about copying someone which is a different issue.

A thought, I thought. So hope you keep in mind of others and don’t be like me and ask, because it’s an ease of the mind.


Tolerance in an Intolerant World


When I think of Jesus I think of His parables. The principles He set forth through His analogies but most importantly His teachings: More specifically, be tolerant of others, compassionate to all, love your enemies.

This thought brings me to this question, If I were to offend you, would you vilify me? Just a thought to think about. Sometimes I feel we are losing the privilege of Freedom of Speech. The condemnation from another because of a disagreement that one could not accept as a difference of opinion. Just think for a moment. Have you ever tried to stand up for your rights only to find yourself discriminated because it was considered defiance? These are real issues that occur. Could you relate? Maybe a whistleblower or one who disputed, questioned, or contradicted. Could be most of us I’d think.

I thought a thought, I thought I’d share. Many thoughts to you.

A Thought I Hate but I Thought

100_2251 (640x397)I hate this thought that seems to have hung a dark cloud over me but it is a thought, my thought. I don’t feel my life would have changed financially if I had not married a white man or maybe even any man for that matter since they tend to be offered more money it seems as media proclaimed recently.

Why I think such a thought is because I’m looking at what I accomplished. While I was in the process of educating myself, I had hoped it would land me a job of a lifetime, not. I then published two stories, in hopes of making a an income, any income, but again seem succumbed to failure.

So now I sit here thinking, how would I have lived had I not been looked after by someone else.

I thought a thought for which I thought I would share.

Kernel and Colonel


Why is “Kernel” Corn and “Colonel” Sanders not spelled the same although they sound the same. Better yet, why was Colonel even changed from the original form, Coronel? “Ain’t that a shame…” is right Fats Domino. And another thing why do we even have to have exception? I before E except after C except science, their, vein, etc.

Was it hard to correct these or was it easier to confuse us? I know I won’t get an answer.

Ah, thoughts.

What “g”


My thought running rampant as I remember when double negatives were a common part of a conversation.

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with this sentence so quit correctin’ me and so what if ain’t, ain’t in the dictionary.

Of course, the “g” didn’t exist in “ing” words, still doesn’t in songs. Then I got thinking about the double negatives and math.

Ain’t + Nothin’ wrong with this sentence = somethin’. The scenario no longer looks that great because double negatives didn’t make a positive here.

There’s somethin’ wrong with this sentence. Grrr!

The only ones who spoke correctly were the teachers way back then. I’m sure kids drove them nuts and ain’t was used more because they would correct students every time they heard it. You know the saying, things you shouldn’t makes you want to more.

My thought! It’s sorting out this common language just as I release it to you. Titled What “G” is not about the G-string either. Get the mind out of the gutter man! Just wondering if you were somewhere else. Ah, thought.